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Our expertise

A group of artisans working on a stage in the production of the model : curling, fittings, rigging, painting, production of small parts, fittings, etc.

The models are made ​​from original plans, often obtained from the Museum of the Navy and are accompanied by a historical summary engraved on wood. Each model is numbered and made ​​entirely by hand in the workshop.

All hulls are built from scratch by hand using planks on frame craftsmanship and slats are curved to fire, according to the technique of shipwrights. The bridges are also decked in precious rosewood.

The fittings are made ​​of wood and copper, the sails are tinted with tea and rigging is functional … Every little piece is made at the workshop by craftsmen. Without any subcontracting or plastic, varnish or derived product, each model is packed in a wooden case guarantee foolproof, allowing deliveries worldwide.

Manufacturing steps in pictures and video

The abcs of

Making model village

Each model respects the plans for hull, fittings and rigging…