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Shamrock (1924 – Angleterre)


Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• Commissioned by Sir Thomas Lipton, the Shamerock V was the first British yacht to be built to the new J CLASS rule. It was built with the ambition to win the famous America’s cup.
• Launched in 1930, She won 15 of 22 races on the British Regetta circuit .
• The sailing ship was built from wood, with mahogany planking over steel frames and a hollow spruce mast.

“SHAMROCK V” (1924) Classe J.

Size Scale Finishing Working time
56cm 1/65e Rosewood 120 H
56cm 1/65e Painted 140 H
99cm 1/35e Rosewood 160 H
99cm 1/35e Painted 185 H