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L’Etoile/La Belle Poule (1932 – France)


National navy training ship

Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• These vessels were lauched en 1932 and have been serving as annexes to the French Naval Academy for cadets’ training.

• They were built in 1932 in the fishing port of FECAMP in Normandy.

• Etoile and The Belle Poule are replicas of Icelandic schooners which fished cod off the shores of Iceland.

• During WW II, both vessels relocated to portsmouth, and served the Free France Forces.

Size Scale Finish Working time
63cm 1/60e Painted 230 H
79cm 1/47e Rosewood 280 H
79cm 1/47e Painted 305 H
125cm 1/30e Painted 325 H