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Bel Espoir II


Training ship- Prince Louis II

Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Built in 1944 at the Svendborg shipyard in Denmark, the schonner was launched as the “Neat S” was initially used for trading around the Baltic Sea. After, she was used for Fishing and then renamed ‘Peder Most’ and used for animal transportation between Hambourg and Copenhagen.
In 1955, she was acquired by the British ‘Outward Bound Trust’ for use as a sail training ship for young people, later renamed Prince Louis II
The schooner Bell Espoir II was acquired in 1968 by «Amis de l’association Jeudi – Dimanche» (AJD), an organisation founded by a former prison chaplain Michel Jaouen in 1954 and dedicated to the rehabilitation of drug addicts and young offenders

Size Scale Finish Working time
85cm 1/45e Rosewood 240 H
85cm 1/45e Painted 260 H