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Santa Maria


“Santa Maira”

Numbered model delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• It was estimated that the Santa Maria must have been approximately 35 meters long and 200 tons in weight. Caravels were fast and could run aground; they became the vehicle for maritime exploration. The Cross Pattée which appears on its sails is Portuguese; it was the emblem of the Aviz who reigned over Portugal from 1385 to 1580. One of the caravels was called “La Pinta” (The painted one, in the sense of the cutthroat); the other, the “Nina” (that is to say the little one in the sense of light girl); as for that of Columbus, she bore the name of “Marie Galante” (that is to say girl of joy), but she was renamed by the pious Admiral “Santa Maria”

Size Scale Finish Working time
84cm 1/30e Rosewood 270 H
120cm 1/20e Rosewood 390 H