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Pen Duick (1898)


Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• Called “Yun”, “Griseldis,” Magda “… and “Pen Duick” (15.10 m overall). Purchased by the family Tabarly in 1938, restored in 1957 (fiberglass hull), fully redesigned between 1983 and 1989 – plans of the famous naval architect William FIFE-. ERIC TABARLY’s favorite with his oversized sails, its mahogany fittings and bronze fittings.
• Eric TABARLY, engineer, architect and champion, in 1998,Eric Tabarly was projeted out of his boat, and died on the way to celebrate the centennial of Pen Duick in the Irish Sea.

Size Scale Finishing Working Time
61cm 1/25e Rosewood 100 H
61cm 1/25e Painted 120 H
81cm 1/18e Rosewood 150 H
81cm 1/18e Painted 170 H
99cm 1/15e Rosewood 170 H
99cm 1/15e Painted 180 H