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Mini Model Hermione 35 cm


“HERMIONE” (1779)

A dashing 17th century Navy frigate, the Hermione is under reconstruction in ROCHEFORT where she was initially built and launched in MAY 1779, 64 m in overall length and 11 m in width.
The young Gilbert du Mortier, Marquis de La Fayette, barely 21 years old, embarked on board on MARCH 21, 1780 with 326 sailors and soldiers and 4000 uniforms intended for the United States of America. 38 days later, the Hermione reached Boston where it found General George Washington to announce France’s political and military support in the fight for Independence; she participated in the conflict with England for 18 months, equipped with her 26 12-pounders and 6 6-pounders.
Once completed, the Hermione will return to Boston for a commemorative voyage in the footsteps of Lafayette, before returning to Rochefort, its home port, to be visited by the public.

Size Ladder
35 cm 1/190e