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L’Hermione (1779 – France)


“L’HERMIONE” (1779)

Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• Top range of Louis XVI fleet, the Hermione was remade in Rochefort where it has been originaly launched in MAY 1779.
• In 1780, unde the command of general Lafayette, she came alongside Boston for support to the Americans in the american Revolutionary War. But she was wecked in 1793.
• In 1997, they started to remade The Hermone and in 2015, the full size replica started to a return voyage to USA from Rochefort.

Size Scale Finishing Working Time
63cm 1/100e Rosewood 290 H
85cm 1/75e Rosewood 340 H
85cm 1/75e Painted 420 H
103cm 1/65e Rosewood 400 H
103cm 1/65e Painted 450 H
120cm 1/55e Rosewood 450 H