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HMS Victory (1765 – Angleterre)


“HMS VICTORY” (1765)

Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• HMS Victory is a 104 gun first rate ship of the line of the royal navy. In May 1765 HMS Victory was launched in Chatham’s Royal Dockyard.
• The H.M.S. VICTORY participated in numerous battles under the command of Sir HORATIO NELSON. She is most famous with the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 against French and Spanish fleets, she was flagship to Admiral Nelson. And she was flagship for different admiral as Keppel, Howes…
• In 1922, she was moved to a dry dock at Porthmouth, where she remains today. 25 millions people visited her as a museum of the sailing navy.

Size Scale Finishing Working Time
88cm 1/110e Peint 510 H
88cm 1/110e Palissandre 450 H
120cm 1/75e Palissandre 800 H