Adventure Galley



Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• Built in 1695, the Adventure Galley was a pirate ship armed with 34 light cannons and 150 men. The ship was captained by a notorious privateer William Kidd.
• William Kidd was born in 1645 in Scotland. During a trading voyage, the king give him the Adventure Galley, in order to catch pirates in 1696.
• Finally, William Kidd never found any pirates during this time and decided to turn to piracy himself. He captured some vessels and brought them back to madagascar.
• The adventure was sunk off the Madagascar nothern coast but never be found. Today a lot of people try to find his wreck and his treasure.

Size Scale Finishing Working Time
70cm / Rosewood /

Information & tarif



For the pleasure to smell the smell of the liquid bees-wax, a light pasage annual on the wood; for the dust removal, if you possess one sandbank – hairdryer ( cold air) biweekly will be completed. If, unfortunately, you broke sometimes something on your model, to contacted the Association of close Designer from your home.

Chacune de nos maquettes est numérotée. C’est une pièce unique de par sa réalisation entièrement artisanale (la moindre petite pièce est fabriquée à la main ou au tour, en bois, aluminium, cuivre, …), la teinte de son palissandre, etc. Elle est en parfaite conformité avec les plans et autres documents acquis auprès des musées de la Marine, des Associations, des revues et ouvrages spécialisés… Un certificat d’authenticité est joint avec chaque maquette.

Since 1984, very numerous collectors rely on us: LIMITED COMPANY Prince Albert of Monaco, Realm of Spain, Head of state and of governments, Ambassador, admiralty, personalities of the world of the arts and the business, Enlightened amateur private, numerous museums.