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Victorieux, la Buse


The Victorious known as La Buse

Model Numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity

• Olivier levasseur, inherited his first vessel “la reine des indes” . His nicknamed was “la buse” because of the way he attacks his victimes.

• In April 1721n with the captainn John Taylor, they captured the Vierge du Cape( Virgin of the cape) , a vessel of 72 canons close to Réunion island. On the Virgin of the cape board, were the count Ericiera, the vice king of India. Thaylor and La buse, kept the treasure and the vessel.

• La Buse and Taylor be separated and The virgin of the cape became La Buse’s vessel and named Le Victorieux. La Buse get back to Madagascar but in 1730, people took him to réunion Island wher he was condemned.

Size Scale Finish Working time
83cm 1/75e Rosewood 350 H
115cm 1/55e Rosewood 400 H