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Superbe (1784 – France)


“THE SUPERB” (1784)

Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• The SUPERBE is a 74 gun ship of the line of the french Navy. Built in Brest from 1782, according to the plans of one of the most famous naval engineers in the maritime history: Jacques Noël SANE, the Superbe was launched in 1784. This vessel is a fine specimen of French naval at this time. During the 30 years following the launching of these ships, many were captured by british navy.
• Le Superbe formed part of the fleet of Admiral Villaret de Joyeuse

Size Scale Finish Working time
88cm 1/100e Painted 390 H
88cm 1/100e Rosewood 350 H
115cm 1/75e Painted 490 H
115cm 1/75e Rosewood 450 H