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Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• DJIBOUTI OBOCK, a recent port in the southern Red Sea at the mouth of the Strait of Bad El Mandeb and open to the Gulf of Aden, supplanted the ports of ASSAB (Ethiopia) and ZEILA (Somalia) at the beginning of the 20th century.

• Originally called SAMBOCK from the 14th century, then SANBOQ, ZARUQ, ZA'IMA, DONI DONKI, HURI… the French administration named them BOUTRE without distinction of size (from 10 to 25 meters overall).

• Built and repaired mainly by Yemenis, the colorful, frieze-adorned dhows carry out the traditional trade in rice, spices, silks, tobacco, sugar, metals from India and Java, ivory, gold, skins, coffee, oil… from the Horn of Africa, as well as a major slave trade to Yemen. The last one to be built in Djibouti was launched in 1978; there are around thirty of them still in operation.

Size Scale Finishing Working hours
42cm 1/75e Rosewood 120 H
85cm 1/40e Palissandre 200 H