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Abeille Bourbon


“ABEILLE LIBERTE” (2005)(2005)

Model numbered – delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

• Replacing the iconic ABEILLE FLANDERS and ABEILLE LANGUEDOC two sistership: ABEILLE LIBERTEbased in Cherbourg and ABEILLE BOURBON stationed in Brest are constructed in Poland and finished NORWAY; a length of 80 meters, with a capacity of 21,740 hp., with 12 crew members, they can reach 20 knots and are equipped with a helicopter filled two huge winches each 1600 meters of cable.
• Their primary role is to prevent maritime disaster risks by protecting the shipping lanes for vessels attending HANDLE along the rails of OUESSANT-DES casquets and the PAS DE CALAIS, they are commonly called the BERGER des MERS !

Size Scale Finishing Work Time
80cm 1/100e Painted 600 H